Georgia Senators Announce Attack on Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis

CJ Sterling
8 min readOct 17, 2023
Co-conspirator in the false electors scheme, Georgia Lt. Governor Burt Jones, together with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp joined in crafting a law that attempts to override judicial independence of prosecutors in Georgia; SB 92, passed shortly after DA Fani Willis announced her intent to file RICO charges against Donald Trump, Georgia officials & Trump allies in the election interference case. The law puts the power of removing elected District Attorneys in the hands of Kemp, Jones, and top pro-Trump Georgia Republican Assembly members.

Despite an ongoing lawsuit by four Georgia prosecutors challenging SB92 and the newly-created Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission (PAQC) as unconstitutional, a slate of Georgia senators announced last Friday their intent to use the PACQ to try to stop legal prosecutions by DA Fani Willis in the Georgia false elector/election interference RICO case.

Following defendant and former president Donald Trump’s arrest and bail posting at the Fulton County Jail in the Georgia RICO case in Fulton County, a variety of GOP members pushed to find a way to punish the District Attorney responsible, Fani Willis, who is bringing the case on behalf of the people of Georgia.

But the scheme to attack Willis was already in place.

During Kemp’s press conference in September, where he told the public that he saw “nothing wrong” in the way DA Willis has been handling the case, behind the scenes, four months previously, in May, he and his indicted Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones had quietly passed a bill, SB 92, that gives just eight members of a PACQ the power to remove district attorneys elected by voters in Georgia districts.

Bill 92 came into effect on October 1st, but by August 4th, Jones had already appointed a Chair for the PACQ, attorney Stacey Jackson. Jackson owes that post, along with his current post as Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit District Attorney to Governor Kemp.

Governor Brian Kemp appointed attorney Stacey Jackson to replace the vacant Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s post. Jackson now owes his current post and the PAQC Chair position to the Governor.

Georgia has long-standing institutions and laws to hold attorneys accountable, including through elections, the state bar, the state Prosecuting Attorneys Council, and state laws and regulations.

The letter was published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as an op-ed just last Friday, October 13: Why we’re pressing a complaint against Fulton District Attorney.



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