This “lobster and steak” trope has been going around since the beginning of the program. The answer is “one example is not the rule.” And let’s get this out of the way -some people, mostly addicts -will sell some or all of the balance of their food card at a discount for drugs. Again, it doesn’t reflect on the millions who use it to feed themselves or their families.

But more people spread this trope than people who actually abuse their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. They are mostly the people who live for clicks on social media.

I will argue that soda pop should not be allowed as a purchase for SNAP. Big soda companies receive enough corporate welfare in terms of corporate tax breaks and farm subsidies for corn, which corn syrup is made of.

It is more government subsidies for these big corporations, and they have consistently won against lobbying attempts to ban soda from allowed purchases. Soda pop is a known high-impact contributor to diabetes. It is not surprising that stock investors choose both manufacturers of insulin and big soda companies together in their investment portfolio. Coke and PepsiCo should not benefit from hunger.

Writer, journalist. Commentary: Economist, Huff Post, Daily Beast, New York Times, Seattle Times, Crosscut, The Stranger. 2.77 million Quora.

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